why women live longer! 16 examples No. 11 got me!

Men sometimes have such ideas that it is hard not to comment on how stupid they are.

Often in the rush of work, they want to do everything quickly, smoothly while omitting security rules. Everyone knows that you need to put on proper protective clothing, fasten the ropes that secure everything, but sometimes your own belief that you have done something many times, so that in the hospital there are stories to tell doctors who incredibly inscribe it in the cards… that’s answer the question why women live longer 🙂


Sometimes it is possible to avoid an accident, but photographs, or rather evidence of human stupidity, are fixed and may serve as a warning. The first, the second, and even the third time, nothing will happen, but for the fourth time the consequences can be mournful. At every look, these examples of male ingenuity show that men have either little imagination or an idea of ​​how spectacular this world is.


1. Ask today how he got there, and even better, how do you get out?


2. Physics and its laws are inexorable, but not everyone remembers them. Bah! He does not even remember the old proverbs, which claim that they do not undercut the branches on which they sit. Although, here one needs some imagination to come to the conclusion that laddering on the tree is not the safest. I would like to see a photo from the moment the tree falls: D


3. It’s just hard, the battle against fire with a burner and gas. As you can see, the ring is lit on his finger, so his life is horrible. And the badass photo highlights the burnt eyebrows and the smell of burning in the nose 😀


4. When you want to save on moving or taking out furniture, do not forget about a good life insurance policy and car insurance. If something goes wrong, everything that could go wrong … then at least the family will get some gold in their pockets. Well, unless we’re dealing with a unique photo of a hero.