why women live longer! 16 examples No. 11 got me!

5. Why use ladders and set everything up a few times when you can use a crane to make the worker mobile. Quickly and eventually, does this lead to trouble? Who would have thought?


6. The title of the Titanic Golden Hand flies to you from the balcony. Either you have an iron hand, so brave, or nothing to fear. Well, soil is the right clothing for the right job.


7. Up and up, but the ladder is too short. That is why it is good to use what you have. And when you have a lot of tables it’s uphill. You can even look at how someone works and how it is like a lord – from a chair. I wonder if the guy with the drill strengthens the tables, or finishes the competition?


8. Work on or under the bridge, doesn’t matter if there is enough rope and ladder.