21 Foods That Should Never Be Placed In The Refrigerator


21- Cheese

Most people think that because cheese is mostly milk, it should be refrigerated. However, when it is an old cheese, this is not always the case. Cheeses such as Gouda, Cheddar or Gruy√®re are just a few of the many pieces of cheese that fit into this category. The difference between these cheeses and others is that they are processed. This ripening process normally takes about 6 months or more. Cheeses that are older tend to be harder and firmer in texture. Another important factor is that they will eventually harden faster than normal. Keeping them at room temperature really allows you to enjoy them longer. Be sure to avoid placing them in places that are too hot. The heat will make the cheese softer. Don’t forget to wrap your cheeses properly to protect them from moisture.


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