By Taking These 9 Steps, We Will Eliminate 40% Of Breast Cancer Cases.

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Breast cancer is the most serious disease faced by women, causing 15% of deaths among women due to the fact that breast cancer treatment is available only through chemical doses or mastectomy. In some cases, the patient has reached a serious cancer outbreak after which it is difficult to treat, and Breast cancer is detected by a special medical test called her2 Breast cancer.

According to the oncology institute, breast cancer ranks second among women, followed by rectal, lung and colon cancers, with approximately 276,480 new cases expected to be registered in 2020 and the United States of America ranked first in breast cancer prevalence.

Breast cancer is the most frequent disease of concern to women, but with follow-up and early and continuous detection, it helps to treat breast cancer in many women. However, some conditions are out of control and difficult to treat, such as breast cancer linked to genetic or hereditary characteristics.

There are certain misguided habits in our daily lives that increase women’s chances of developing breast cancer.

These are 9 preventive steps that help reduce the risk of breast cancer