5 Signs Your Relationship Is Over


3- Lack of trust

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We often hear about how trust is imperative to any relationship, that without trust there can be no relationship, but does anyone know why? What does it mean not to have a trust? How does it affect the relationship anyway? Well, you often hear about relationships ending because one or both people are suffocating each other ( figuratively, of course) with jealousy, you often hear about people complaining about their partners routinely going through their phones, bombarding them with questions and accusations about where they have been and with who, constant arguments built on nothing but false assumptions and false accusations, that is exactly what a relationship that lacks trust looks like, and trust me, it doesn’t get better, it never does. If anything, it gets worse, until it becomes unbearable and the only solution to escape the misery is to break up. A lack of trust breeds suspicion, and suspicion brings about resentment, it is pretty much inescapable.