7 signs that your liver is full of toxins (and how to detoxify it)

fatty liver

Every day, your body participates in many metabolic processes to ensure optimal health, especially through the functions of the liver. This organ is a real battle horse that protects your body on a daily basis. Indeed, the liver filters food, stores it, promotes the assimilation of absorbed vitamins and minerals and eliminates organic waste. As you will have understood, he performs several tasks that give him a crucial role in good health. However, a poor lifestyle can overload it with toxins and hinder its optimal functioning.

Our body has a natural cleansing system that consists of the liver, digestive tract, lymphatic system, and urinary system. Thus, the body is initially designed to naturally exercise the detoxification process. However, the current way of life is full of toxins, additives, and pollution. As a result, the precious organ of the liver can gradually become cluttered and weakened.

According to ”Anthony Berthou”, a nutritionist specializing in micronutrition, these 7 signs show that your liver is overloaded with toxins:

1. You often feel tired

The accumulation of toxins causes chronic fatigue, which manifests itself in demotivation and weakness throughout the body. According to the researchers, fatigue is the most common sign of liver disease. This symptom is the result of a disruption in brain chemistry and hormone levels caused by liver weakness.

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