8 Yoga Poses To Reduce Your Stress And Relax Your Body!

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Stress has become part of our daily lives. Although some people can handle it better than others, its effects on the health of the body and mind are just as harmful. To help you reduce your stress and prevent its impact on your body, here are 8 easy and effective yoga positions.

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that includes a multitude of techniques and physical exercises, breathing, meditation, and relaxation. It unblocks the flow of energy in the body and helps it to relax and release tension.

Here are 8 yoga poses to relieve stress:

1 – The Child’s posture

On a yoga mat, sit on your heels and bend your bust forward until it rests on your thighs and your forehead touches the floor. Turn your shoulders forward, extend your arms and place your hands by your heels with your palms facing up. Hold this position for 5 breathing cycles (one cycle corresponds to one inhalation and one exhalation).

This posture is very beneficial for the nervous and lymphatic system, helps to calm the mind and reduce stress.

2 – The Bridge

Lie on your back, bend your legs, spreading them apart to the width of your pelvis and place your feet flat on the floor. Stretch your arms along your body, with palms facing down and fingers touching your heels lightly. Breathe in and push your pelvis up, gently bending your spine. Stay in this position for 4 to 8 breathing cycles, then exhale as you gently descend to the floor.

This posture allows you to gently stretch your back and legs, reduce anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia, and relieve back pain and migraines. It also helps to lower blood pressure.

3 – Standing forward bend

In a standing position, with your legs slightly apart, exhale and gently lower your chest down, keeping your head close to your legs. Try to place your hands flat on the floor and stretch your back by pushing your head towards your legs and then pushing your legs up. Hold this position for 4 to 8 breathing cycles, then bend your knees, spread your arms, inhale and raise your chest.

This position stretches your hamstrings, thighs, and hips. It helps relieve stress, fatigue, and moderate depression.

4 – Eagle posture

Standing with your arms at your sides, bend your knees, then, trying to keep your balance, place your left thigh above your right. Cross your foot with your calf to hold it. Also cross your arms, joining your palms together in front of your face. Hold this position for one minute, then gently lower your arms and legs. Repeat on the other side.

By improving your concentration and sense of balance, this posture helps to relax your shoulders, back, and legs and relieve stress.

5 – The corpse posture

Lie on your back with your legs slightly apart and your arms at your sides with your hands facing upwards. With your eyes closed and your face impassive, breathe deeply, concentrating on every part of your body from head to toe. Stay like this for 3 to 5 minutes.

This position allows for total relaxation of the body and a state of deep relaxation that helps to slow breathing, lower blood pressure and soothe the nervous system.

6 – Legs along the wall

Sit down with your pelvis against the wall, then lay on your back with your legs stretched upwards, still against the wall. Your buttocks should be as close to the wall as possible. Stay like this for 5 minutes.

This posture helps reduce stress and renew blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the heart area.

Caution: This posture is not recommended for people with glaucoma. If you feel tingling or prickling in your toes, bend your knees as you lower your heels together toward your pelvis.

7 – The Cat Posture

Start by getting down on all fours with your knees shoulder-width apart and your hands shoulder-width apart. Breathe in and then gently bend your lower back upwards, tucking in your navel. Relax your head and look at your belly. Hold this position for one minute.

This posture relieves stress, stretches your back muscles and releases tension.

8 – The Easy Posture

In a seated position, hold your back straight and cross your legs. Then place each foot under the opposite knee and bring your legs together towards your chest. Place your hands flat on your knees, then, while breathing deeply, look away with a gentle gaze. Stay like this for one minute before changing the crossing of your legs.

This posture promotes inner calm, relaxes the hips and spine and increases serenity. It also eliminates anxiety and relieves physical and moral exhaustion.

Caution :

The practice of yoga is not recommended during pregnancy, menstruation and after surgery. Elderly people or people suffering from joint problems should consult a doctor before starting yoga.