5 Types Of People Who Cheat The Most According To Science


Much like how a mid-life crisis makes a person act out in irrational and very rarely logical ways, ashley madison ( a website that facilitates infidelity among the married folk) exposed that a majority of men registered on it had one thing in common, an age ending in 9, this can be explained as a panic before hitting a milestone and entering a whole new decade in one’s life resulting in unexplicable and rather immoral behavior, or at the same time it can just be lying, I mean people lie about their age all the time, those in their early 30s can get away with saying they’re 29, as is the case for 40 years olds with 39, correlation doesn’t mean causation but well, just to be safe, you can break up with your boyfriend on his 29th birthday, and date him again in his 30th, problem solved.