5 Types Of People Who Cheat The Most According To Science


It’s a interesting contrast that for men, the wealther the man is and the more power he has the more likely he is to cheat, while it’s the exact opposite for women, the poorer a woman the more likely she is to commit infidelities, this can be explained in many ways, the most popular explanation is that for men, the wealthier tend to cheat more because they can satisfy their large ego, they feel a need to prove to themselves that they’re capable of attaining whatever or whoever it is they want, and it’s a lot easier for them to do so when armed with wealth, the more wealth the easier it gets, for women though, it is said to be that poorer women use sex as a way for shopping for a wealthier or better partner,poor women cheat for financial gain and cheat with better educated, well established men, the comparison between wealthy versus poor women in terms of infidelity is not unnoticeable in the slight least, it’s rather drastic and eye opening, another explanation is that although they’re in a commited in a relationship, they still commit infidelity to shop for ‘’better genes’’ for their children who would most likely still be fathered by their original partner.