10 Most Dangerous Airports In The World


Tenzing-Hillary airport in Nepal

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The Tenzing-Hillary Airport, located in Lukla, is considered the number 1 most dangerous airport in the world! Nicknamed “the airport of the adventurers”, it is from there that most of the “adventurers” who want to climb Mount Everest leave. Mostly made up of mountains, Nepal is not the safest country to welcome airplanes on its soil… Located at 2 860 meters, the runway is, in addition to that, leaning at 12°. Landing alive… A real challenge!

Kai Tak International Airport, Hong Kong

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This airport was located in Hong Kong near the city center. Its approach was difficult and its location was delicate. It was moved in 1998 due to several accidents and the growth of the city’s population.

Matekane Air Strip Airport in Lesotho

Photo Credit: telegraph.co.uk

In Southern Africa, Lesotho is a high-altitude country, crossed on all sides by mountains. Matekane Air Strip Airport, tucked away in the middle of this hostile landscape, is considered the most difficult airport in the world to access. At the end of its runway – only 400 meters long – stands a gigantic cliff. It is enough to be slightly stressed at the time of the landing when you are a passenger!



Princess Juliana Airport in St. Maarten

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Located on the waterfront, the Princess Juliana Airport runway is known to be very short. And above all, to be very close to the beach and to the tourists… Forced to position itself only 10-20 meters above one of the most famous beaches of the Dutch island, one can imagine the fright of some people, the first time they saw a plane flying over them…

Gibraltar airport

Crédit photo: F4aviation.co.uk

Located in the heart of the city, Gibraltar International Airport is one of the most unusual in the world. Its take-off and landing runway naturally cuts across the main road of the British island! Fortunately, during maneuvers, security barriers are lowered, thus obstructing the road to motorists. The negative point: huge traffic jams are created at each plane passage… Live or drive, you have to choose!



The airfield of Courchevel

Short runway + 18.5° slope + assembly + 2 008 meters of altitude = airport at risk. Indeed, landing at the Courchevel airfield, perched in the middle of the French Alps, is exclusively reserved for experienced pilots. And you thought that going down a black runway was the most dangerous activity in the ski resort? Big mistake!

The Ice Runway in Antarctica

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Literally meaning “ice runway”, the Ice Runway is built directly on the ice floe, in the middle of Antarctica. A real sensation of landing on concrete – according to the pilots who have experienced the runway – is however very dangerous because it is extremely slippery. Runway exits are frequent, although without consequences. Practical when there is no infrastructure around!

Juancho E.Yrausquin airport on the island of Saba

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Surrounded on one side by the mountain and on the other side by the sea, the only runway of the airport Juancho E. Yrausquin is, on top of that, really tiny (only 396 meters!). Add to that the gusts of wind that often sweep across the Dutch island of Saba… and you get one of the most dangerous airports in the world. Advice to experienced pilots…



Funchal airport in Madeira

source: airportspotting.com

Expanded in 2000 because it was considered too short, the runway of Madeira airport has been extended by several meters. Yes but… In the water! The relief of the Portuguese island does not allow to do it on dry land, so Funchal equipped its new runway with a bridge of 180 concrete pillars. Easier to land, the pilots still have to keep a maximum concentration… Be careful, get out the life jackets!

São Paulo’s Congonhas airport

Source: sliptalk.com

Built-in the middle of the buildings of São Paulo, the landing at the Brazilian airport Congonhas is chilling. Located only a few meters from the city center, the pilot should be a good pilot… And not to squint! Otherwise, it’s a guaranteed disaster!

Paro international airport in Bhutan

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In Bhutan, there is only one airport, that of Paro. Located in the heart of a valley bordered by the Himalayan mountains, it culminates at nearly 5,500 meters. Reputed to be one of the most dangerous in the world, only one company serves the airport: Druckair; and only 8 Bhutanese pilots are certified to land and take off there. Any other volunteers?