8 Things Men Find Unattractive In Women

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While it doesn’t really make sense nor would it be good for our self-esteem and self-love to base our whole being on the opposite gender’s approval, as it would really be detrimental and just all around really bad for our mental health, since we would have to constantly keep appearances and be our best and at times even push ourselves into things we don’t really even like just to gain approval and liking from the opposite gender and that isn’t at all how dating should be, but it doesn’t hurt to conform or at least keep in mind some things that are all around unattractive, stick around and find out about 9 things men find unattractive in women!

1- Drunken women

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Well this one isn’t really a shock, it’s not just in men, women also dislike drunken men, and even though we would all be really supportive of people who are facing rough drinking problems, we would still not date someone who is, when it comes to dating, we pick our partners very carefully, and filter out who would not really be best for us on the long run, and for most men, you can’t look at a woman who is sloppy and drunk all the time and think that you would want a future with that person.