The Types Of People Who Cheat Most, According To Science


Cheating has and will always be a subject of heavy discussion on the internet, especially nowadays that technology makes it easy to stumble upon infidelities, be it through suspicious text messages, explicit pictures, or videos… nothing is as discreet as it used to be prior to social media, giving the illusion that cheating in romantic relationships is on a popularity streak, I mean 5 minutes browse on a subreddit forum for relationship advice will surprise you with atrocious stories of infidelity left and right, not only that but it will also leave you scarred and honestly doubting whether getting into a relationship is even worth the hassle, that being said, in order to help the rest of us avoid a trauma-inducing life experience, an anonymous Reddit user did us the courtesy of doing some extensive research to pinpoint exactly who these people more likely to cheat have in common, stick around to find out what you should avoid in your future partners…


There’s apparently a link between excessive social media usage and infidelity in relationships, the more time the person spends on social media the more likely they are to cheat on you, this could be explained in many different ways such as that if they are very engaged in social media it could mean they’re not engaged in the relationship, another explanation is that their heavy social media use gets in the way of them enhancing their real-life bonds and relationships as they don’t have enough time for you because they’re too busy scrolling through Instagram, it could also be explained as them comparing you to others on socials and becoming less interested because the people on social media are all so ‘’picture perfect ‘’ which is untrue, and as well know by now, social media consists of a bunch of people trying to make their lives seem more interesting than they actually are.


Much like how a mid-life crisis makes a person act out in irrational and very rarely logical ways, Ashley madison ( a website that facilitates infidelity among the married folk) exposed that a majority of men registered on it had one thing in common, an age ending in 9, this can be explained as a panic before hitting a milestone and entering a whole new decade in one’s life resulting in inexplicable and rather immoral behavior, or at the same time it can just be lying, I mean people lie about their age all the time, those in their early 30s can get away with saying they’re 29, as is the case for 40 years olds with 39, correlation doesn’t mean causation but well, just to be safe, you can break up with your boyfriend on his 29th birthday, and date him again in his 30th, problem solved.


We would all want to be forgiving of a partner’s past, look over their past mishaps and not hold them accountable or guilt them for things they did and regret, reality, unfortunately, is not as pleasant as mere words can be, the saying ‘’once a cheater always a cheater ‘’ exists for a reason, if someone is capable of cheating in the first place it means that their thought process and reasoning does not find the despicable immorality of infidelity, or lack the self-respect and self-restraint to keep from doing such a thing, either way, a person who was able to break a partner’s trust cannot be trusted, people who have cheated in previous relationships, are MORE likely to cheat again on future partners.


If you notice a sudden change in your partner’s affection and sexual habits, chances are the truth is not very pleasant, apparently cheating results in an increase of libido, and the disloyal partner starts suddenly showing more physical affection and acts out more sexually than they normally would, this could be explained as the excitement from a new sexual partner that is in the absence of said partner channeled into the original partner, in other words, when ‘’they’’ are not around for them to have fun with and court, you’re the next best thing, another explanation would be guilt, they may feel guilty about his infidelity and feels a need to be more affectionate towards you as atonement for their mistake, or maybe they’re scared of you suspecting their affair, and feel inclined to act like a better partner to drive away any suspicions of infidelity.


It’s a interesting contrast that for men, the wealther the man is and the more power he has the more likely he is to cheat, while it’s the exact opposite for women, the poorer a woman the more likely she is to commit infidelities, this can be explained in many ways, the most popular explanation is that for men, the wealthier tend to cheat more because they can satisfy their large ego, they feel a need to prove to themselves that they’re capable of attaining whatever or whoever it is they want, and it’s a lot easier for them to do so when armed with wealth, the more wealth the easier it gets, for women though, it is said to be that poorer women use sex as a way for shopping for a wealthier or better partner,poor women cheat for financial gain and cheat with better educated, well established men, the comparison between wealthy versus poor women in terms of infidelity is not unnoticeable in the slight least, it’s rather drastic and eye opening, another explanation is that although they’re in a commited in a relationship, they still commit infidelity to shop for ‘’better genes’’ for their children who would most likely still be fathered by their original partner.