9 Things Men Notice About You That You Don’t Know

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Have you ever been on a date and found yourself wondering what it is exactly he is thinking? What did he see in you? Did he notice your hair? Did he analyze your choice of wardrobe? Did he even look at your shoes? And a plethora of questions you want to be answered but are too shy and intimidated to ask, well I’m here to assure you that yes, we can be more attentive than you had previously thought, the stereotype that men don’t pay attention to detail is as false as it sounds, stick around and be surprised by the things we notice about you that you never thought of!

 1- What you eat

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There’s often a misconception that men are so quick to judge when a woman is eating anything that isn’t a salad, and that we are put off by women who eat a lot of meat and anything that is rich in calories, a thing which is very untrue, men actually like women who for starters don’t feel obligated by prejudice and are able to eat whatever they want without worry, and on another note it allows us to eat as well as we want without being self-conscious about seeming like pigs, so go ahead ladies, order that steak and order one for us too!