8 Signs Your Marriage Will End in Divorce

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When we hear the word marriage, the first thing that comes to mind for most, if not all of us is love and commitment, lifelong commitment, marriage to most of us is making a promise of forever… but forever is a long time and many things could happen in that long time, it could be unfaithfulness that undoes a marriage, but it doesn’t always need to be one huge mishap, it could also be small bouts of bickering that accumulate along the years that cause a divorce, stay around and look for 10 signs your marriage will end in divorce!


It’s not talked about enough but respect is necessary for your marriage, many partners leave because they don’t feel respected by their partners, a lack of respect shows through shouting, not acknowledging your partner’s feelings, paying no mind to their words, and boundaries… you can’t expect your partner to stay if you always make them feel degraded, disrespected and rejected, respect between partners is mandatory for a good and healthy relationship.

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