5 Reasons Why The Most Beautiful Women Are Often In Bad Relationships

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They are beautiful, intelligent and terribly attractive. Yet they seem incapable of sustaining their love relationships. These women, who seem to have everything to be happy about, often feel lonely. In reality, their physical appearance, admired and jealous by some, could be lacking and accentuate their love failures. There are in fact 5 reasons why the most beautiful women are often in bad relationships.

The beginnings of a love relationship are often wonderful. Both partners are immersed in a burning passion that escapes all reason. The heart beats wildly, the hands get sweaty and the eyes shine with each reunion. They promise each other eternity and think that their love will be indestructible. But as time goes by, the spark eventually burns out and gives way to the harsh reality of married life. Thus, the actors in the relationship dwell more and more on each other’s shortcomings and see their common dreams fade away.

Why is it that the most beautiful women are the most likely to experience this spiral? Is their beauty detrimental to them?

1- Expectations are too high

Often, beautiful women hope to find a man able to satisfy their most unreasonable expectations. They grew up imagining that a man had to meet certain criteria of beauty, intelligence, and character. Indeed, they patiently waited for Prince Charming who would protect them and bring them affection and sincere and unconditional love. They imagined him to be beautiful, strong, courageous, and intelligent. Moreover, their physical assets would allow them to find him, this perfect man. Unfortunately, they often end up realizing that no man is as good as they had hoped and that the search for a soul mate is a long-term quest.