13 Bad Food Combinations That You Should Avoid Eating


For centuries, many cultures around the world have woven a series of dietary rules and habits that have been handed down in complex treaties with many recommendations. For example, Ayurvedic medicine in India has specifications on how to combine them according to climate, food temperature, freshness, drought … let’s say they are very elaborate manuals.

In some cases, this set of standards had religious accents that marked the canons as a means of sacrificing an animal (kosher for Jews, halal for Muslims) and that some religions went so far as to prohibit its ingestion (the pig for some). Historic epidemic, the cow for Hindus, because it contributed more to life in the long term than dead.

Over the years and with the progress of medicine, some of these traditions have been shown to have a solid scientific basis. In this article, we will show you the types of foods that combine poorly, either because they can be bad or because we absorb less of their properties.

1- Green leaves with salt

The salt contained in these salads removes nutrients from the leaves and renders them useless.

2- Spinach with milk

It prevents the absorption of iron.

3- Herring and milk

If they were to consume milk and herring together, give it up. The combination can cause strong fermentation in the stomach and even food poisoning.

4- Sea and mountain food

Traditionally recommended in various cultures, it has been shown that each family of animals has different amino acids that are better absorbed if they are not mixed together. Another reason to avoid mixed paella …

5- Green tea with milk

Milk aggravates the digestion of antioxidants and other elements in green tea.

6- Dessert fruit

The fruit before meals and if possible even separately. To improve all its nutrients.

7- Alcohol with energy drinks

According to experts, it is a mixture that improves the harmful properties of both.

8- Starch or fat, more sugar

Starch/fat takes time to digest and slows down the assimilation of sugar in fermentation …

9- Soft drinks and foods rich in magnesium

Phosphates in many soft drinks prevent the absorption of magnesium.

10- Melon with milk

This combination can be non-digestible and cause a laxative effect.

11- Drink plenty of fluid with meals

You can drink a glass or two, but it’s best to hydrate for a while before eating and let the food be digested on its own without excess fluid.

12- Tomatoes and starchy foods

It should not be eaten with foods rich in starch, rice, potatoes and cereals. The combination of citric, malic and oxalic acids aggravates the digestion of starch.

13- Citrus fruits and milk, cocoa milk

In the first case the milk can be cut, in the second case the cocoa has oxalates that inhibit calcium absorption.