5 Popular Weight Loss Diets That You Should Avoid At All Costs According To A Dietician

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In the age of the Internet and social networks, fashionable regimes abound on your screens. Promising miracles, these slimming programs make you believe that all you have to do is follow their recommendations for a week to regain a wasp figure. So you spend 7, 10 or 15 days depriving yourself, you feel deficiencies, a loss of energy, and extreme fatigue. The result: you were hungry, you were irritable and you lost 2 kilos, which you will have regained immediately. Worse still, some of these diets can be dangerous to health. In this sense, Susie Burrell, dietician, and nutritionist have compiled a list of 5 diets that you should never try.

1- The detox diet with lemon

A food with purifying properties, lemon is a must for detox diets. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, this fruit can indeed be a real ally when it comes to cleaning your body. But it must also be used wisely!

In vogue since the advent of detox cures, the lemon detoxification diet recommends eliminating all food and eating only lemon water. An ultra restrictive diet and extremely dangerous to health.

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