Get Away From These Foods Before Bed


Eating before bed is usually unhealthy, and even if it is healthy, what if a fast diet contains too much fat and sugar to cause obesity, but in case of hunger, a healthy food, mild diet with no more than 200 calories would be preferable, and away from fast-cooked foods, especially in a power bowl where food loses its health value.

We also advise against eating any caffeine-containing beverages or food before bed, where insomnia and difficulty in sleeping can cause insomnia. A more healthy habit is to eat longer than sleep to allow the body to digest food, thereby preventing obesity and overweight or health complications from unhealthy diet and habits.

1- Nut Butter

The nutter butter contains many calories, especially peanut butter, which causes overweight, especially if ingested just before sleep. An alternative healthy food before bedtime is a non-fat box of yogurt, or a glass of unsweetened milk that fills the stomach and satiety, and helps to relax and sleep thanks to the calcium content in milk in large quantities.

2- pasta

Spaghetti is rich dishes because they contain high carbohydrates and many calories, increase insulin in the body during bedtime, and chinese noodle dishes are among the most calorie-intensive dishes.

3- soda

Soft drinks also contain many harmful chemicals and many calories that cause weight gain, and soft drinks cause insomnia and help sleep, especially when they are drunk before bed, and may have long-term effects on body health. So if you want a long, deep sleep and a healthy, ideal body weight, you need to break the habit before you go to sleep.

4- Dessert

Eating candy before bed is one of the worst unhealthy habits that cause nightmares in many people who regularly eat candy before bed. Candy contains a large proportion of the sugar that affects the brain and causes nightmares in many people. If they continue eating healthy food, the nightmares disappear.

5- Ice cream

Everyone loves ice cream, but this delicious food is an unhealthy tablet if eaten before bed, as the ice cream contains a large proportion of the fats and sugars that cause weight gain and the nightmares that attack people who eat ice cream due to the high sugar content.

6- Chips

Chips are among the crackers that people eat frequently, especially in the evenings in front of the TV or when using the telephone, but chips contain a large proportion of fat and synthetic substances that help to increase weight, as the body’s digesting rate is slow in the evenings.

7- Pizza

Pizza is fast food that many people resort to during the night, but it has a high-fat content that causes overweight, and the pizza sauce has a high acidity which causes acidity in the stomach and insomnia and sleeps insomnia.

8- Chocolate

According to many medical studies, eating chocolate is one of the worst bedtime habits and foods because chocolate contains a large proportion of fats, sugars, the stimulants that insomnia causes waking up all night and, in case of hunger, weight gain can be replaced by healthy food.


A healthy diet is a diet that can be taken a little earlier than sleep, but this does not include sugary pills that contain a high percentage of sugar, which can cause insulin to rise before sleep.

10- Red meat

Any kind of meat takes a long time to be digested because it has a high fat content, especially red meat, so it is preferable to avoid eating any kind of meat before bed, as it has a high fat, protein and calories content 

It is therefore advisable to avoid eating meat in the evening because it may cause high insulin in the blood and many convulsions and discomfort before bed.