10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Cabbage


Cabbage is a winter vegetable. It is a popular dish such as stuffed cabbage soup. It is a healthy food that preserves weight and protects against many other diseases.

Cabbage contains several vitamins such as (c, k, b6, a), some minerals such as manganese, potassium, magnesium, and some acids such as folic acid, and omega 3, in addition to antioxidants and fibers. 

It is good for diabetics, helping to maintain normal blood sugar levels, and it has many other benefits that we will recognize here.

1- Cabbage cancer protection

Cabbage contains the daily recommended fiber, several metals, and mineral salts, which help the body to resist cancer and protect against malignant neoplasm, and also protects body cells from attack from foreign objects, scientific studies have shown that daily cabbage consumption and access to fibers per day protect against colon cancer and bladder cancer, as well as breast, lung and all types of tumors, due to the special compounds in cabbage.