What the color of your urine Says about your health



Your urine can indicate much more than you think. Depending on its colour, it can reveal your health status. It is advisable to be attentive to it because it reveals the waste that your body rejects. Below you will find 5 different colours and their health meanings.

Urine makes the biological fluids we produce. It is secreted by the kidneys and blood filtration and is composed of 95% water and 5% organic compounds such as urea and creatinine.

The colour of the urine becomes clearer depending on the amount of water ingested, but it also varies according to a person’s state of health. Here are the 5 colours and their meanings.

1- Light yellow

Water is the main component of urine and its natural colour is pale or very light yellow. This colour is, therefore, a sign that your body is well hydrated and that your digestive system is working as it should. This colour indicates that the abdomen does not contain any pathogens and that your body is properly removing waste. If your urine is this colour, your body is apparently well balanced.

2- Yellow

A darker yellow colour is often the result of a meal that is too heavy in protein. This colour may also indicate the presence of a bladder infection or slightly insufficient hydration. There is nothing alarming about that. Drinking more would be the right solution to improve your digestion and have a sufficient water level in the body.

3- Amber

If you see that your urine is this colour, it means that you are in urgent need of d)hydration. This means that your water levels are excessively low and you should drink as soon as possible. Despite this, this colour does not reveal a real danger or that your health has deteriorated. Drink more and your urine colour should return to normal.

4- Brown

Sometimes, the kidneys can pass particular urine during urination. Brown or dark brown, this colour may indicate the use of rhubarb treatment or consumption. In this case, there is no concern to be made. However, if this tint is not justified by one of these two reasons, you should see a specialist. Brown urine can mean kidney or liver infection.

5- Red

Red urine is almost never a good sign. This is an alarming sign and you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. This is the major sign that your digestive system is prone to disorders. Red urine may be the result of kidney or bladder stones or prostate disorders. When there are traces of blood, it can be hematuria. This disease is mostly benign but in some cases, it may indicate an internal infection.