6 Differences between losing weight and losing fat that people don’t know about


Many people are looking to lose weight and get rid of their extra pounds. Thus, they accumulate cures, diets and can even use weight loss pills in order to regain their ideal weight. But in reality, to regain a silhouette of wasp, the most important thing is to fight against the accumulation of fat, to eliminate cellulite and bulges to feel better in your body.

What is your objective? Lose weight on the scale or lose excess fat that you can’t handle?

Be aware that in the human body, there are organs, muscles but also fat. However, when you lose weight and are happy to see the numbers on the scale go down, you don’t know if you have really lost fat mass. Indeed, you could simply have lost water or even muscle mass….

Here are the 6 differences between weight loss and fat loss! >>

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