12 Foods That Raise Blood Sugar Levels



A disease of the century, diabetes affects nearly 30.3 million people or 9.4% of the U.S. population. Characterized by a high level of sugar in the blood, diabetes can, however, be controlled if we pay more attention to what we put on our plate. Indeed, diet is one of the most important parameters to avoid complications related to this disease. Discover the foods that can dangerously raise blood sugar levels and ipso facto put your health at risk.

Diabetes is a disease characterized by excessively high blood sugar levels, with a sugar level of 1.26 per liter of blood. It is therefore essential to follow a specific diet to avoid suffering major complications such as vision problems, kidney problems or cardiovascular disorders.

Foods that can raise blood sugar levels
We consume certain foods on a daily basis without realizing the negative impact they can have on our health. Here is a list of foods that can significantly increase blood sugar levels:


1- pastries

In the age of industrialization, cereals are over-consumed foods. However, pastries and other sweet cakes should be avoided for people who suffer or are predisposed to suffer from diabetes. It should be noted that white bread also contains hidden sugar and therefore raises the blood sugar level.

2- Rice

This cereal accompanies many diverse and varied dishes. However, it should be noted that white rice contains carbohydrates that can disrupt blood sugar levels. It is preferable to eat brown rice, which is just as rich in fiber.

3- Milk

Rich in calcium, milk helps maintain bone mass and promotes bone growth. However, it also contains sugar and lactose, so it is preferable to consume vegetable milk, which is low in fat.

4- yogurt

Yogurts contain probiotics that help maintain your intestinal health and stabilize your weight. However, to take care of your health, it is necessary to choose them without added sugars and low in fat.


5- dried fruit

Dried fruits raise blood sugar levels only slightly. But be careful not to overdo it! Many people with diabetes eat these fruits excessively. As with all things, moderation is the rule, especially in the case of diabetes.

6- Fruit juices

Industrial fruit juices are extremely sweet drinks. If you have diabetes, it is best to make homemade juice using a juicer.

7- Bananas

As Dr. Jean-Michel Borys reminds the allodocteurs site, bananas do not necessarily raise blood sugar levels but are nevertheless rich in fructose. It is, therefore, preferable to consume them in moderation at the risk that they cause insulin resistance.

8- Energy drinks

Just because drinks are made for athletes doesn’t mean they’re healthy. These drinks may contain a substantial amount of sugar that will disrupt blood sugar levels.

9- Alcohol

Alcohol consumption increases the risk of hypoglycemia in people with diabetes. It is therefore advisable to avoid drinking alcohol when suffering from this condition.


10- coffee

Black, unsweetened coffee does not affect the health of diabetics. However, some people tend to add sugar, milk, fresh cream, caramel or syrup, which can raise blood sugar levels.

11- Tea

Tea is a healthy drink widely consumed around the world. Nevertheless, as with coffee, it should be consumed “plain” with no added sugars.

12- Red meat

Red meat, especially when processed, can be hazardous to your health. In fact, a study by researchers at Harvard University found that when red meat was replaced with nuts, the risk of diabetes decreased by 21%.