9 Foods That Raise Blood Sugar Levels


Diabetes is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in modern times and results from the inability of glucose to analyse blood sugar resulting in the accumulation of sugars and complications with diabetes. There are various types of diabetes, such as diabetes mellitus, diabetics first and second, which causes of nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, monary diabetes, cystic fibrosis, gestational diabetes and others.

There are many causes of diabetes mellitus and the causes vary depending on the type of disease, in addition to the genes of food, also influencing the appearance of diabetes mellitus.

These are some of the things that help raise your blood sugar.

1- Fast foods

Fast food contains a high proportion of calories in addition to harmful saturated fats, leading to weight gain and increased opportunities for type 2 diabetes, which leads to other complications such as nephrogenic diabetes insipidus.

Gestational diabetes is also caused by serious complications in the pregnant woman and gestational diabetes is detected by a glucose intolerance test, so fast food should be kept as far as possible to avoid the risk of hyperglycemia.

2- white bread

White bread from digested foods is a refined grain that causes a high level of fat in the body, making a person highly susceptible to diabetes, and therefore prefers not to multiply the prescribed pills to replace them with whole grains, That reduce body fat and thus reduce the chance of diabetes.

3- Whole milk

Whole milk contains a large proportion of saturated fat, which increases the chances of obesity and heart disease, and affects insulin resistance and increases blood sugar, so it is preferable to eat skim milk, be away from whole dairy products and to eat yogurt less frequently.

4- Canned food

All canned foods contain a high proportion of saturated fats that increase useless body cholesterol and reduce useful cholesterol, thereby creating some infections and increasing the chance of diabetes, completely away from any canned foods and replacing them with fresh foods that benefit the body and regulate blood sugar.

5- Red meat

Red meat is a rich source of animal protein, but it also contains a large proportion of harmful saturated fats, which are causing numerous health problems, as well as increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes, which causes many serious complications, including diabetes mellitus.

Red meat will certainly not be spared in our diet, but it should be minimized and proteins obtained from other sources, such as low-fat dairy products, nuts, eggs, and poultry.

6- Soda

Soft drinks are sweetened beverages with a high content of sugar and the nutrients contained therein that lead to serious complications and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, Studies have shown that people who consume 1 to 2 litres per day of soft drinks increase their chances of developing diabetes by 26% of other people who consume less than 320 grams per month.

7- White rice

Dietary fibers help to preserve blood sugar. White rice contains small amounts of dietary fibre when compared to brown rice, so brown rice is the best option to maintain blood sugar and reduce the risk of diabetes. Studies have shown that those who reduce white rice use have 16% less chance of type 2 diabetes. Therefore, doctors recommend brown rice as a healthy alternative to diabetes.

8- Coffee

Coffee does not directly affect blood sugar levels. It reduces the chances of diabetes mellitus ii, but some additives to coffee are responsible for elevating blood sugar, such as flavors, creams and sugar.

Too much caffeine affects blood glucose, so coffee should not be used too much, local substances added, and sugar levels measured before and after drinking coffee.

9- Dried cranberries

Berries and dried fruits generally contain high sugar levels, affecting blood sugar levels, and often lead to diabetes if the fruit is consumed too much.


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