Babies are undoubtedly one of the most amazing joys of life, the creation of life itself, and as new parents welcome the new addition to the family, they are bombarded with both welcome and unwelcome advice from happy relatives and self-proclaimed baby ‘’ experts’’ and though some of the advice might actually be helpful or even immense, it is imperative that as a new parent you conduct full research as to what is beneficial to your baby and what isn’t, as let’s face it, most advice is based on absolutely no solid grounds and could potentially be very hurtful to your child without you even realizing it, stick around for the rest of this article to figure out what you might be doing wrong and unknowingly hurting your child!


It’s a common practice to tickle babies, some perceive it as an exercise for the baby, others do it for fun and giggles all under the common assumption that babies enjoy tickling which is a huge misconception as the baby’s giggles aren’t a result of enjoyment but rather an uncontrolled reaction or reflex and excessive tickling could lead to chest and stomach pain for your baby, and the uncontrolled grasps for air could cause baby hiccups.