Here’s How To Prevent And Eliminate Wrinkles Of The Chest And Neck

To prevent skin aging, it is important to take care of its youthfulness. And this involves the neck and chest, which are often exposed to the sun and external aggressions. Fortunately, there are natural care products to preserve them. Combined with these wise habits, they will allow you to fight against wrinkles and prevent their appearance.

Taking care of yourself starts with beauty habits that everyone should be aware of. Among them are recommendations that delay the appearance of aging in vulnerable areas such as the neck and décolleté.

How to fight against neck and décolleté wrinkles?

1- Falling asleep on your back

When we sleep on our side or on our stomach, our skin has a tendency to wrinkle, which accelerates the appearance of wrinkles. Areas such as the neck and chest can therefore age more quickly. Sleeping on your back helps keep these parts of the body young and firm. It also prevents sagging breasts, which can give the appearance of a shapely chest. To practice sleeping on your back, raise your legs with a cushion. Your face will also be more oxygenated. Sleeping on your back is also the best sleeping position for your vertebrae.

A natural treatment

No need to invest in expensive skin care products to get plumped up skin! Natural skin care can do the trick and give better results than some cosmetics. Among them, a plant with formidable youthful properties: aloe vera. This plant with gelatinous flesh is highly moisturizing and preserves the skin from the effects of aging. This scientific article proves that it has anti-aging virtues thanks to its antioxidant mechanisms. You can use it as a mask on the neck and chest by applying the flesh to these areas for 20 minutes. You will have a radiant, moisturized skin but also a radiance boost.

Avoid hot water on these parts of the body.

A cold shower is often recommended to firm up the tissues. And for good reason, hot water tends to remove the layer of sebum that naturally protects and moisturizes our skin. Consequence: this fine area will be more prone to premature aging and therefore slackens. If you are not a fan of low temperatures, opt for the Irish shower which consists in alternating hot and cold. Run the hot water over your head, shoulders and back to relax your muscles. A good combination to both relax and keep a firm chest and neck.

Sporting movements

This is no secret. Sport is indispensable for those who want to stay young but also healthy. To prevent the aging of your breasts and to delay the weight of gravity, you need to strengthen your pectorals. To do this, push-ups are a great exercise by doing 20 repetitions a day. You can also combine them with these 12 useful exercises to enhance your breasts. Another essential habit to take: that of wearing a bra that fits your size. A too narrow lingerie adds folds to this vulnerable zone and accelerates the appearance of wrinkles. Wrinkles will be less visible if you choose a bra that is neither too tight nor too wide.

Good hydration

Whether it is the face, neck or chest, daily hydration is important to prevent the effects of aging. When applying your natural anti-aging cream or skincare, remember to apply a layer to these fragile areas. It is ideal to start this ritual at the age of 30 to prevent the appearance of these furrows. Treatments and serums dedicated to these parts of the body can also help you prevent the appearance of age spots that are due to age but also to sun exposure.

A good sun protection

The face is not the only one that needs to be covered with sunscreen in winter and summer. This cream acts as a shield against UVA and UVB rays that accelerate skin aging. If yours is particularly sensitive, choose a protective cream with an SPF greater than 30.