5 Signs Your Relationship Is Over

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Ah, relationships, one of the most wonderful aspects of human life, they can be an endless stream of joy and comfort, a soothing answer to the burden of existence, however relationships can be one of the hardest parts of our lives to navigate, there is, unfortunately, no manual for relationships, we just go through them doing what feels right by us and our partners and hope that we’re doing it right, and who’s to say if we are or aren’t? it is imperative to know that relationships are very different from one couple to another, and there is really no set of rules to follow whatsoever, but with care, communication and understanding, they can flourish and be your safe haven and your source of happiness and comfort, however, it is sadly possible to do everything right and it still not be enough. You can be the best partner one could wish for and still lose at the game of love. As a matter of fact, nowadays many more relationships fail and end in heartbreak than succeed and achieve that happily ever after we all dream of. These relationships do end because of a multitude of varying reasons, so there is not a single reason to pinpoint, alas the signs of your relationships ending seem to form a pattern, stick around and read about the 5 signs your relationship is ending.

1- You can’t seem to agree

Well this one is a bit obvious, we aren’t in middle school anymore, there are a lot more variants that come to play when choosing a partner, and as we get older we find that difference although can be alluring at first, infatuating and interesting, it’s more likely to be the reason your relationship ends, the newness and contrast will initially be attractive and will peak your curiosity and attention but as you go deeper into the relationship, it will only create contention points and endless arguments, which will, in turn, create resentment and irritation. your inability to agree on a multitude of things is a telltale that your relationship is doomed, sure, opposites attract, but birds of a feather flock together. It is absolutely important to pick your partner wisely and make sure your goals, dreams, and aspirations align, otherwise you’re sentencing yourself for heartbreak.